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Dear Club Car Customer:

Club Car, Inc., in cooperation with the U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, is notifying all owners and operators of 2007 model year DS golf cars and small wheeled utility products of a risk of steering gear breakage in certain units. This problem, if not corrected, could present a potential risk of unexpected loss of steering; thus, Club Car is undertaking a voluntary replacement of the steering gear assemblies with certain manufacturing date codes in a small percentage of 2007 model year vehicles.

In an abundance of caution, Club Car, in conjunction with its dealers and distributors, has initiated a field campaign to inspect and replace the steering gear assemblies in the affected vehicles. The inspection and repair will be done free of charge.

This letter is to provide the information you will need to identify the affected vehicles and the actions you should take to ensure that any problem with the steering gear assembly in your vehicle is repaired expeditiously.

Which vehicles are affected?

? Certain 2007 DS model golf cars, hospitality, utility & transport and rough terrain vehicles. A full listing of affected models and serial numbers is attached. Precedent model golf cars are not affected.

What is the problem?

? Improper hardening of the metal steering rack inside the steering gear assembly that could result in breakage.

? This problem appears to be preceded by an increeased effort required to turn the steering wheel. Continued operation of the vehicle could result in the inability to turn the steering wheel.

Immediate actions to be taken for affected vehicles:

? Our records indicate that you are the current owner of a 2007 DS model golf car, hospitality, utility & transport or rough terrain vehicle or vehicles.


? Determine whether the serial number(s) of your 2007 DS model golf car, hospitality, utility & transport or rough terrain vehicle or vehicles are on the list of potentially affected vehicles in Table 1. The serial number is located on a decal just above and to the right of the accelerator pedal. The serial number consists of a two-letter prefix followed by a ten-digit number. The prefix and number must both match the model listings shown below for your vehicle to be affected.


Golf Cars and Hospitality Vehicles

DS Electric Golf Car

IQ System / PowerDrive System 48

DS Gas Golf Car

Café Express,


0727-774048 to 0745-833891


0736-808146 to 0745-833934


0727-773061 to 0745-834015

Transportation and Utility Vehicles

Villager 4

Villager 6, Villager 6 Plus

Villager 8


0739-818997 to 0742-825111


0726-770587 to 0745-835747


0726-770593 to 0745-834014


TransPorter 4

TransPorter 6


0740-818615 to 0744-835881


0735-806335 to 0745-835496


0736-809146 to 0744-832924

Carryall 1, Carryall Turf 1

Carryall 2, Carryall 2 Plus,

Turf 2, Turf 2 Plus

Carryall 6, Carryall Turf 6


0726-770586 to 0745-835740


0722-763465 to 0745-835918


0726-770581 to 0745-836233

Carryall 232

Carryall 252, Turf 252

Lynx Hunting Vehicle


0736-809132 to 0744-831682


0735-807626 to 0744-834481


0739-812334 to 0745-834983




? If you own a Club Car vehicle with a serial number that matches the lists in table 1, immediately contact your authorized Club Car dealer or call Club Car at 1-800-227-0739, ext. 3580 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET to arrange for an inspection of your vehicles.


? Not all vehicles listed in Table 1 will need too have their steering gear assemblies replaced. Only those steering gear assemblies that bear the following date codes are subject to this recall:



















A Custom Ride, Legal for the Street or the 18th Tee

He is one of about 64,000 residents in The Villages, a 20-square-mile retirement community for active people north of Orlando, Fla., south of Ocala, and overrun with golf carts.

At any moment, golf carts ? many of them custom-built ? are pulling into a movie theater, shopping centers, local grocery stores or in & out of a local pharmacy. Mom is even taking the kids to school in a golf cart and the kids lover it!. There all types, shapes and sizes - from the standard two passenger golf cart to the elaborate and esoteric carts like:



Hummers Cadillac Escalades  Custom Carts

Where most popular & prevalent are these type golf carts are retirement communities and mobile home parks were these types of transportation are widely used for their ease, economical as well as fun way of getting around. Anyone who has been around a retirement community in recent years would hardly be stunned by the proliferation of golf carts..

What’s eye-catching is how these carts, originally designed to ferry golfers around courses faster and more cheaply than a caddie, have become showpieces of these types of  developments, gated communities and even some private clubs. Where it's always about keeping up with the Jones and out stepping the neighbors cart and doing one better. Many of these carts have increasingly become a personal statement ? a simulation of a coveted luxury auto or a tribute to a vanished sports franchise from a long-lost childhood.

In addition to whole communities and developments we are now seeing whole towns and cities take up the cause to lower vehicle traffic congestion and lowering the environmental impact automobiles by promoting Clean GreenProtecting the Future and not to mention According to industry experts, golf cart sales to courses have increased only slightly over the past 10 years, but sales to the individuals have soared through the roof. That trend was spurred nine years ago, when the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration established a category called low-speed vehicles. They are allowed to go up to 25 miles an hour on public roads with speed limits of up to 35 m.p.h. If they are equipped with various safety devices, including seat belts, headlights and taillights. “The fleet market to courses is a very slow growth, but the private individual market is constantly changing and growing,” Robert Thomas Jr., the president of Electronic Car Distributors in Rancho Mirage, Calif., said in a telephone interview. “Now golf carts are not just for golf, they are for the streets, for running around town. People are raising them up and lifting them and even taking them off road.”

Mr. Thomas said that of the 3,500 carts his company sells a year, he estimates that 75 percent of them are to individuals and the rest to courses.

Nowadays, residents in retirement communities up and down Florida, as well as across California and Arizona ? a world far beyond Georgia’s storied Augusta National, home of the Masters ? glide to mornings of shuffleboard and evenings of dinner and dancing in a golf cart. “These folks go to church in their golf carts,” Gary Lester, a vice president at The Villages, said.

The residents of The Villages have a collection of carts ranging from simple to silly, with some of them running on 8-volt batteries and others riding on magnesium alloy wheels.

While Mr. McIntyre recently sat in the parking lot of a supermarket, dozens of carts rolled by. There was a brown golf cart that looked like a UPS truck and another that looked like a red fire engine.

One cart was painted baby blue, another was fitted with decals of the Wake Forest Demon Deacons.

“Some of these are cheesy,” Mr. McIntyre said. “This one caught my eye.”

He was speaking of his own ride, which he bought for $8,500 from a cart dealer two years ago after seeing a similar one on the street.

He decked his out with fuzzy black dice and a Nevada license plate that spelled “FOOOORE,” meaning heads up. (Mr. McIntyre was a 3-handicap before knee surgery.) Then, he hit the road and the golf course with the rest of the population.

“I moved here, and I needed a cart,” he said.

Others here, Walter Biernacki among them, have felt the same urge. Last year, he sold a 1966 candy-apple-red Mustang GT and immediately started feeling seller’s remorse.

He went on the Internet to see if anyone could make a 1966 candy-apple-red Mustang GT golf cart. He found a company, Phat Cat Carts, in Clearwater, Fla.

“I told them all the things I wanted,” Mr. Biernacki said. “I even sent them the PPG paint code for the candy-apple red. Trumpet exhausts. Double-eagle GT tires. They even painted the letters white, just the way you can get them for the cars.”


Golf Carts
Golf carts, the perfect recreational vehicles, have offered their users a way to thoroughly enjoy the golfing experience for many years. Since the 15th century, men and women have been indulging in golf, combining nature and recreation. Serine settings and fresh air have not only contributed to golfers’ well being, but provided ample opportunity to experience nature first hand.

Although lush greenery and fertile landscape visually stimulate, they have sometimes presented problems.It wasn’t until the 1960s that a solution was found, the golf cart. This early vehicle allowed the golfer to easily maneuver the course, accessing previously indisposed areas. Now-a-days, the golf cart proves to be more versatile adding hauling and traveling, among others, to their roster of uses. Innovations in design and interesting upgrades have changed the whole look of the traditional golf carts.

Roofs, windshields, and fancy fenders add function as well as character. With Changing fads comes changing technology. Comet Industries vows to provide our customers with the most up-to-date technology available. The quality clutches, torque converters, brakes and other golf cart components will continue to be manufactured with constant care and attention to detail that Comet customers expect.




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